Lenovo 3000 C100 problem (lock WIFI in BIOS)

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    Hi Everyone :)
    My laptop is old Lenovo 3000 C100. Problem : can't init wifi mini-pci card. Right after computer start appearing information about the icompatible of the wificard .Should then take the card out.
    It isn't a truth :) . After run in sleep mode (in XP) , and plug this wificard to minipci , next weekup , wificard functioning normally without errors. Where in BIOS (for 3000C100) is lock for wificard??? Please , help :) Thanx a lot for answer(s).
    BBSN 41W1213Z1ZBGN67L8D2
    UUID 22C52EF8129F11DB9663000FB0CB2536

    Unfortunately, the BIOS contains a whitelist of compatible wireless cards for this model. If an incompatible card is installed, the BIOS will throw an error and prevent you from booting the computer. How fix it? Help! How read whitelist from BIOS and write to SPROM Broadcom BCM4318KFBG ?? Thanx a lot for any answer :)