Lenovo Battery Block

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    On newer bioses, they lock out 3rd party batteries completely? You know the $30 vs $150 debate..

    And get this.. if you download their Power Manager Utility, it automatically modifies your existing bios to lock out batteries... you have to reflash to get your 3rd party battery working again...

    That's going a bit far isn't it?

    Even if the cheaper battery is worse and unreliable.. let's say 1% fail.. I could buy 5x batteries for the price of one Lenovo-Branded battery. the Odds of ALL 5 batteries failing is 0.01^5... that's 0.00000001 % chance of failing.. UNLESS the lenovo battery has 0.00000001% chance of failure, WHICH IS IMPOSSIBLE, it's not worth $150

    Fffff you lenovo... fffffff:eek:

    Are there workarounds to this Money Grab atrocity...