Lenovo BIOS recovery

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    Aug 5, 2008
    I have a bricked W510. It worked fine before a failed flash. I tried to use the phoenix crisis tools to make a flash drive, and I end up with a drive with 3 files - minidos.sys, phlash16.exe and BIOS.WPH. The BIOS.WPH file was made by renaming the .fl1 file that was extracted from the BIOS download. One problem is I don't know which of 2 BIOS files I need. The download supports BIOS ID 6L and 6N, and since it won't start, it is hard to distinguish. I guessed 6N because it appears that is the most common???. When I hold down the Fn and "R" keys to start, the LED in the flash drive doesn't even flash, so I don't think it is even being read. Any insights would be appreciated.