LENOVO y510, RW Everything and SLIC 2.1...a dilemma

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by Poser, Aug 6, 2009.

  1. Poser

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    Jul 31, 2009
    So I have thoroughly searched through the Forum to find several things:

    1. Requests to Mod BIOS for y510 (and other Ideapads) have been left unfullfilled for the most part.

    2. RW everything hangs upon Pulling ACPI dump from Ideapads...making SLIC table unavailable

    3. AndyP's excellent BIOS mod kit (as posted by Busykid) will build a bootable BIOS... but does not result in acitvation (cert, SLIC and ipk are all correct)

    Responses to above observations:

    1. This is completely understandable as the modders are getting crushed by requests... and lest be honest, y510 is in minority compared to the number of thinkpad owners. Always service the greatest common denominator first. So my hats off to modders... keep up the great work

    2. Are there any other tools that will work in x64 environment to pull ACPI data and SLIC Tables?

    3. I am assuming that although slictool1.29 reports a successful mod of BIOS (06CN33WW.ROM in this case)... that the SLIC is not be overwritten and is still using 2.0, hence successful boot but no activation

    At this point he who helps himself... enjoys the fruits of his labor. So I would like to try a manual mod. Question:

    I have yet to find a good AMI tut on bios editing... any suggestions

    Cheers and thanks!