LF: Help with XFX mod, please

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    Apr 2, 2009
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    I was able to successfully insert SLIC 2.1 into this bios. Follow these steps.
    You will need AFUDOS, amitool1.61 and opatool to do everything you need to do.
    You will also need matching a SLIC and certificate. All easy to find via this forum
    and Google. You should be ready to flash in an hour (DOS boot media is the hardest
    part and I leave that up to you to research because its off the topic.)

    1. Download AFUDOS from AMI website
    2. Create a USB or CD Boot disk to boot into DOS mode and Backup your bios with afudos. (Read the manual) (c:\AFUDOS biosfile /o)
    "biosfile" is the name you choose to save the bios as, keep under 8 characters
    3. Insert the appropriate SLIC 2.1 info into the bios using AMITool1.61 (Google it to find it)
    4. With AFUDOS flash the new SLIC'ed bios back to the mobo (C:\afudos biosfile)
    5 Using opatool.exe install a certificate that matches your SLIC 2.1 version that you chose.
    6. You can also install a matching SLPi if you want but i don't think it is necessary for WIN 7 or Vista

    You can check the results with SLIC_Toolkit.