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    Hi MDL,

    My brother and me are looking for a Live Equalizer Wallpaper for a long time now but we can not seem to find something that does the job.
    Let me explain in more detail where I am talking about:
    In Media Playback programs, like Windows Media Player and VLC Media Player, you have audio visualization.
    Audio visualization are those waves or bars which move up and down while your music is playing.
    (See Example1.png and Example2.png if you still do not know where I am talking about.)
    ‚Äč Example1.png Example2.png
    So we can use VLC Media Player of Windows Media Player to see a visualization of audio files, but, this is what I want;
    I want to have a real-time live wallpaper for my Windows Desktop which will visualize audio of my primary playback device, or even a single running program.
    I also prefer that the program does have many different options for background customization and visualization effect customization.

    I hope you understand where I am looking for.

    I am not sure if this was the right thread to post it, if not please move it.
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