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    Hello Gentlemen,

    I am preparing for the summer, and this year I'm not traveling without a WLAN receiver that can handle those pesky hotel networks. Imagine a wireless router stationed between 100 to 500 meters away from you, or even a kilometer..!

    Do any of you know about a WLAN receiver that is not too huge to have in a briefcase, and can handle poor signals? It doesn't need to have God-like powers or anything like that, but if it can handle lets say ~200-400 meters, please enlighten me!

    In short, a device that doesn't cry like my laptop when the network is out of range.


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    It has to be a good sender and receiver! The high powered ones are 500mW, but not sure if they're legal everywhere. I think generally they're 100mW to 200mW?

    Anyways, what you need is a good receiver coupled with a high gain antenna. You can buy quite powerful external antennae for certain receivers that may do the trick! I'm not suggesting a yagi (common tv antenna style) type, which is directional, just an omni-directional rubber insulated antenna.
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