Looking for a working Office 2010 RTM Volume Edition Download

Discussion in 'Microsoft Office' started by SolaireOfAstora, Mar 3, 2020.

  1. SolaireOfAstora

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    Feb 20, 2020
    Been looking around for specifically a 32-bit/x86 version and have come across this on the site:


    But, magnet link is not working and seems to be down. :(
    Can someone please re-upload/re-update the links, thanks.
  2. LostED

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    Jul 30, 2009
    try google search by checksums

        File: MICROSOFT.OFFICE.2010.SELECT.EDITION.RTM.VOLUME.X86.DVD.ENGLISH-WZT\14.0.4763.1000_Select_volume_ship_x86_en-us_dvd.iso
      CRC-32: 1ea98a3f
         MD5: 78e007959180c6b8cfe840f1d9312a42
       SHA-1: 92f9b3bd1029a1ff524b8a2bd8ef4f7e5c304f5b
     SHA-256: 973721c9d84f4a67e094c34a87dda351bd1491fb5e64b1afb08224518f7572c5
    SHA3-256: 1b817e37c2076c0c918ea5c5d3907730edff746021477eecdc4fac3e5b8e6063
        File: MICROSOFT.OFFICE.2010.PROOFING.TOOLS.KIT.RTM.X64.DVD.ENGLISH-WZT\14.0.4763.1000_ProofingToolsKitCompilation_none_ship_x64_en-us_dvd.iso
      CRC-32: 5538b0f7
         MD5: 3bfc7c7eb5fac1773f49c4b118d670b3
       SHA-1: 1c8cad70537ebe6b731d9d26ef7d5dcde4b3fc57
     SHA-256: d19d17f5185f33dee43676c6f029f7d7f9fdacdd24b993a8478ba74200b7958b
    SHA3-256: d977fa967b7eae5a1908abb12f3ec4f8966e2f1475b271901caa7391d9523186
        File: MICROSOFT.OFFICE.2010.PROOFING.TOOLS.KIT.RTM.X86.DVD.ENGLISH-WZT\14.0.4763.1000_ProofingToolsKitCompilation_none_ship_x86_en-us_dvd.iso
      CRC-32: d31e9896
         MD5: 5e62c5b8ce4311b97787c9419b280c77
       SHA-1: 880732e76925abda26978a94de0ccdd6902366c6
     SHA-256: c044813cacd7dd51cf7885c357d1ab8c138e755402c8b08e44bc93cdbc20f9ed
    SHA3-256: 4a8b64ac1d50ee38e1704059cee688f8c4f0f51b8fd53fff5ff8acf90795d78f
        File: MICROSOFT.OFFICE.2010.SELECT.EDITION.RTM.VOLUME.X64.DVD.ENGLISH-WZT\14.0.4763.1000_Select_volume_ship_x64_en-us_dvd.iso
      CRC-32: 312f7c7a
         MD5: 430a89f6f3fbb2aab914e22dc1846093
       SHA-1: 88e8a16a21c7c71e210282b39c54a0a782637580
     SHA-256: 1d8574268aa14ad7cf2f5025a0e46e7b41d97349d4e48a9ffd80c84e5d2ff1f3
    SHA3-256: bb9e2547ed6ab7578386bf9962e1af1e61011b405817fcc18ff448f08eb2ec0b
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  3. vanelle

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    Sep 22, 2014
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    this files are
    RCx (Release Canidate - only for testing not for Production Enviroment) but NOT RTM
    Afaik it is not save to apply Patches and Service packs to this RC

    office AIO versions are called Office MONDO
    MONDO are a offical MS Product and have Spetial Mondo Keys - older version like 2007, 2010, 2013 are more or less Full version with time limitation

    2016 AFAIK are only for testing
    Office 2016 Mondo is a pre-release version normally issued to selected technical professionals to provide Microsoft with a source of informed bug reports and highlight compatibility problems with existing software.
    Normally, Mondo releases are set to expire after a designated interval and are not available for general distribution.
    Norman David Jones (MS Volunteer Moderator)