LTSC Won't Play Resident Evil 2 Remake

Discussion in 'Windows 10' started by Pearj, Aug 2, 2019.

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    I have tested this on a fresh install of Win 10 LTSC 2019 and a fresh install of Resi 2 (Codex)

    To get Resi to run I downloaded and installed
    Along with
    Resi 2 installed and ran

    Hope this helps.
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    Yep - latest GPU driver. I've looked at the "Event Viewer", but I don't know how to use the stupid f^#&ing thing - it's a whole lot easier to tail -f /var/log/file.log.

    This is a Tongfang laptop, the MB is generic - but I saw the issue with Asus boards, so I looked for "Nahimic". There's nothing in Task Manager; I even scanned the system for *filename*.

    The DirectX installer I got was from the MS site.

    I just did a search for "DirectX offline installer", found it on MS site, and was able to install it - that's the first time it's worked to install DirectX (it was already installed at the latest version though - but maybe this one has a file the other was missing). Now I'm gonna try the game...


    I saw that trick about having to use the controler, so I plugged in our old PS4 controler to no avail. ..However, I can confirm RE2 Remake (fitgirl repack) works on LTSC - you may need to get the DirectX offline installer.

    I already had Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 installed, and the DirectX web installer wouldn't install. "dxdiag" showed that I had the latest DirectX anyway - but - I think there was a piece of it missing because when I installed the offline installer, it worked to install DirectX......and now the game works.


    I may still have issues with the game, we'll have to see. I don't want to fire the game up completely until the wife gets back. (eg: They say there's an issue with cut-scenes - but I'm pretty sure that's a known issue.)

    I intend on re-compiling LTSC and leaving it in it's stock configuration.. Like I said, all I really removed was IE and a few other minor things (like phone and fax stuff? - I don't remember them now). I did that intentionally so that I wouldn't have problems with missing stuff.

    Apparently I knicked DirectX when I was chopping away, and the offline installer fixed it!

    Anywhoo - I'll post again if there are more problems..

    THANK YOU vuze4u !!! (and all other helpful people!)

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    Well maybe that fixed it for you or maybe it didn't, but let me tell you guys, I have wasted so many hours on TS-ing problem with game not starting, that it hurts. I have finally discovered that simply HyperV services running, caused the game not to start! ( VT-x feature to be correct, having it enabled in BIOS wont load the game.)

    I see lot of peole have this issue but looks like nobody figured it out by now.

    I bet this has to have something with Denuvo DRM protection, since either they or the guys who crack it use virtual instances.