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    View attachment 11256 Hello all,
    I download MAC OS X Lion and installed through VMWare workstation. But I can't install it. It displays error message. I attached that error with this thread. Can anyone please help me..
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    well you have to know this first: "no current VMware product supports OS X as a guest. Also, Apple's EULA only allows Leopard Server to be virtualized on Apple hardware" thats include Mac OS Lion. If your host is windows then you can not installed but if your host it´s a mac then you can but it´s not easy. If you are using windows then you have to find a Hackintosh tutorial. Try to use google firts because it is not easy to install or you can find a torrent, a vmware image with lion installed.:cool:
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    dear rasfar_rf5 see my post to install it on your pc rather than on virtual machine..

    post title is [h=2]How To Install / Upgrade OS X Lion 10.7 On Hackintosh PC [Tutorial][/h]
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