Major Activation Difficulties

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by Senzune, Mar 18, 2010.

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    Mar 18, 2010
    So, at some point, my PC went wacko and slow, I decided to reinstall it.

    Windows 7, 64 bit.

    Somehow, probably due to Microsoft, I lost my old loader which I can't recall it's name of, and now I am stuck with an unactivated Windows 7.

    That's one of the problems. I fully reinstalled Windows 7 via the DVD from the repository here, and tried to download a few loaders. One version of 7Loader, which wasn't the one I had sadly, was removed instantly by Windows at the point when it finished downloading. I know this isn't possible if I use a version of Windows which doesn't have the security patches, so I suspected more.

    Did Windows install files on my disk, or perhaps in the bios, which prevents me from downloading these loaders? Or is it because I had Windows connected to the Internet?

    Then, I went: Okay, let's try Daz's loader. I chose the default settings, ran it as I should have, and then bam - Windows wouldn't load.

    Fix: bootsect.exe /nt60 c:
    Problem: Windows 7 still not activated.

    Now, I am reinstalling Windows 7 *again*, without it connected to the internet.
    As Daz's loader isn't going to work, I'm in need of another method since the old working loader isn't around here anymore. I can not find it via the repository, which I used to do.

    What alternatives do you have for me? I'm not going to mod my BIOS as I am unexperienced with that, and Microsoft patched those anyway with WAT.

    tl;dr: Windows 7 is a bitch and I need a proper loader.
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    Windows does not -

    1. Modify your BIOS in any way - that would be criminal damage and illegal even for Microsoft;
    2. Prevent you from downloading any files from the internet - again this would be illegal;
    3. Microsoft have not patched much with WAT - all BIOS mods and many loaders still work;
    4. Daz's loader will probably work if you ask him for some help after you read the thread about it.

    You can "re-arm" Windows so that you can legally run it in trial mode for 4 months - that ought to be enough time to sort out your activation problems.

    Windows Vista and 7 are easy to activate thanks to the OEM companies like Dell etc.
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