Making a non-downgradable BIOS downgradable?

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    The MSI 970A-G46 has a new BIOS v2.x which claims that, after upgrading, it can't be downgraded to the previous BIOS. The release notes say the following:

    Please download and execute the file in USB pen drive only.
    System will restart several times to update system BIOS with NVRAM & ROMHOLE.
    Please DO NOT remove the USB pen drive until BIOS updated successfully.
    * Please make sure you have read the SOP before you update the BIOS.
    * MSI recommend you to update BIOS only if you are using Windows8.
    * There is no way to reflash back to BIOS version 1xx if you already updated to version 2xx.
    About how to flash the BIOS, please refer to BIOS flash SOP
    I'd like to try this BIOS to see if it really supports Win8 better.

    But I would like to go back to v1.xx if I don't like it.

    The realease notes for v2.xx claim that NVRAM & ROMHOLE are updated. Is there anyway I can save all of these areas for the old BIOS so that I could go back after an upgrade to v2.xx?

    If none of this will work, will anything work? If I dump the BIOS chip using an eeprom programmer, will that work?
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    yes dump from programmer.. and find EC rom also, dump that too.