Manage & link multiple Win 10 DEs for many PCs/ Laptops? How?

Discussion in 'Windows 10' started by crashnburn, Aug 11, 2016.

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    they cant overlap, they are all different and if you go into your MSA online and look at your profile, you will see they are all listed by the names you name your computers e.g. Crashnburn-PC, CrashandBurn-Kitchen, CrashnPorn-Bathroom :D
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    Original poster question unanswered:
    I'm interested in this too. I have had a Microsoft accounts get taken away if they haven't been used in 9 months. What happens if an old computer with a Digital Entitlement linked to a Microsoft account is not turned on in 9 months. When it is turned on, will the account and the DE link be removed? Can it then be relinked to a new MS account? Or does the account not expire simply because it has a DE linked with it?

    I wish Microsoft would just not expire accounts. Gmail account have never expired even after years of no use. (Google claims they can expire after 6 months but I've never seen it happen.)

    This same question also applies to the store. If an app is purchased through the store and the account is unused after this for a year, does Microsoft keep the account active because it has a purchase on it? If this were true, it would actually be worth purchasing some random app for $1 just to make it so the account never expires. But I've never read anywhere what happens with to purchased apps if the Microsoft accounts expires due to lack of use for 9 months.

    Anyone know the answers to this?
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    Good point and interesting addition on the purchase account. Has Apple ever expired someones iTunes / AppStore account - Since one can buy Free Apps (some whose prices may go up and become paid) and maybe not log into the account for long?
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