Manually Extract OEM Cert with using tools like SLIC 3.2. Lenovo X220 W7 Pro

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by Cesspool, Aug 24, 2011.

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    Sorry, Subject title is incorrect...I meant "Manaully Extract OEM Cert withOUT using tools like SLIC 3.2."

    Hello All,

    First Post, so please be kind... I did do a search for information on how to manually extracting OEM Cert, but still a little confused on how to go about doing so. (i.e. search but for Vista // (sorry, can't link anything quite yet with 1 post under my belt)).

    I've just ordered a dozen Lenovo X220 with W7 Pro. We don't have VLK setup yet at this point, so we have to proceed with creating images with a clean install from the W7 OEM DVD. I have used tools like SLIC and ABR to backup/restore the OEM Cert/Key for testing. I'm just curious...if I need to do this manually without these tools, how do I go about doing it with a Lenovo OEM build? Extracting OEM Cert, restoring the OEM cert to a clean install...etc.

    There are a wealth of information on this forum and I have been learning a lot for everybody for the last 6Hrs, so Thanks for all the informative posts!

  2. Josh Cell

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    Jan 8, 2011
    Dump SLIC From memory and Certificate from Tokens.dat

    This is tool doesn't need Certificate, just Trusted backup of the Product Key, Tokens and Pkeyconfig ;)

    *Virus FREE :cool:
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