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Discussion in 'Windows Server' started by kiet68, Dec 23, 2009.

  1. kiet68

    kiet68 MDL Novice

    Dec 15, 2009
    can u help me to have a copy of MCSE coursework?
    im a working student who want to learn and take a self study for that course.
    guys, im sure u can help me.
    thanks in advance.

    please send me an email.

  2. ioniancat21

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    Apr 27, 2008
    I have been an MCSE for Windows 2000 for almost 10 years now. I wanted to let you know that most of the MCSE 2000 exams have been retired. Furthurmore, the MCSE has been replaced by the MCITP and MCTS exams so you may want to certify for Windows Server 2008 instead of going the MCSE route, which is slowely being phased out.

    On a bright note, you probably still could get your MCSE for Windows Server 2003, as most of those exams are still being offered at Prometric and VUE.

    As for books, pick up the MCSE 2003 books from Sybex as I found those very well written and not as dry as Microsoft's fare. I'd also pick up a "For Dummies" book to tackle the harder concepts since you are new to all this. Also check out TechNet and Microsoft's many free training videos and articles as they help.

    Good Luck, CAT
  3. jewstin32

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    Dec 30, 2009
    Im currently taking the CCNA as a part of my Yr 11 - Yr12 Package here, its pretty good an becuase im taking it through the school i only have to pay 200 and something dorrars at the end for the final exam.

    So far its been worthwile but theres no way you can just float through it, unless you're really quick to pick new stuff up. The course it broken up into 4 parts, the only downside to the course is that the only practical semester is semester 2.

    My dad was taking the MCSE course but i think he kinda just stopped because of work. Ive never really thought about taking one down the track, plus even though it would look good to have both an MCSE and CCNA certificate, the MCSE based courses are all the Microsoft ways of doing things, PLUS arent as recognised as the CCNA.
  4. kiet68

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    Dec 15, 2009
    Mcse tutorials

    please can u give me a copy of his tutorial...i just want to learn it.but its very difficult for me to find.
    i will owe you this.
    tnx again