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    On one can't upload bigger files that 50MB (at last not as free user), so many use megaupload. Unfortunately when you try it, it usually display only this message: "All download slots assigned to your country (Czech Republic, Russian federation, etc.) are currently in use." with proposed solution to download and install suspicious spyware called Megaupload toolbar.
    Because most wise peoples do not want to add suspicious **** into their browsers, that will take the most valuable space on Earth - the space on their screens - there are some solutions, like this Megaupload plugin into Firefox v1.5 and higher ( ) witch after install and restart of FF show itself in the menu Tools as "Megaupload 3" and before you enter/click on the Megaupload link, you gotta enable the plugin by going to the menu and choosing "Enabled". He disable itself after closing the FF window. This allow instant download from Megaupload w/o troubles, however the speed is a bit slower and page speaks spanish on ya.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Other solutions of the Megaupload problem exist and not only for Firefox - Opera (9.x at least with the option to edit cookies) can do the cookie trick for Megaupload. It is enough to visit a Megaupload link, such as this one and then only edit the cookie that goes for the domain and it is typically named as "v: 1" so her name will be from now on "megauploadtoolbar_visible" and the value have to be "yes".


    And now you can download from Megaupload w/o limits in Opera!
    It is a good idea, however, to change expire date of the cookie to something like year in the future, so you do not have to change the cookie each day, witch is annoying ;)

    Same cookie-editing trick can be used in Firefox to download from Megaupload w/o the toolbar or the plugin - plugin for cookie edit for FF v1.x is here:
    And new, better version for FF v1.5 and higher is there:
    In the old version is necessary completely create the cookie from start (old plugin did not allow you to edit the cookie name). So create a cookie with the name "megauploadtoolbar_visible", content is "yes", domain is "" (note the dot!) and path is "/". And it is a good idea to set the expiration date to like year in the future.

    Interesting guides (even for IE 6 and 7!) are here:

    And how to make downloading from Rapidshare faster (waiting) is here:
    To put it short, when the Rapid clock start counting down, then into the address line enter this: "javascript:alert(c=0)" ...and after the code written down you can download immediately. However I end up with error in ticket reserve... Maybe you will be more lucky?

    And if you want more archives from Rapid and you did not have account, then sometimes it is possible to download some parts of the big archive using these links, but it is usually like 20 tries for one "extra" file: (this usually works, but the Bush outline is fearfull...) (soft for linux for Rapidshare download, like RapGet for windows)
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