Microsoft Office 2007- Are Service Pack updates causing program Problems ?

Discussion in 'Application Software' started by sarumhyll7, Dec 11, 2012.

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    Dec 10, 2012
    For the second time my MS Office 2007 Pro programs will not start and give me the "Microsoft Office (program) has not been installed for the current user. Please run setup to install the application." Both times this has occurred after a new service pack has been installed on my system.
    Last year Microsoft worked with me and resolved the problem. Today I spent all day trying different workarounds like the MSO.dll thing, permissions (I'm the only user of this computer), and talked to MS "tech support" people (with 30 minute on-hold waits to speak to someone). After 10 minutes of me trying to understand his language, and him trying to understand the spelling of my name , address, and email address, the first sent me a link that took me to an Office 2002 workaround. The second one (after the same language problems as the first) sent me a link that was an X16-32007.exe, which of course is the install for Office 2010. The last one hung up on me after he told me he sent the link - didn't even wait for me to get the email and download the file. They gave me a SR#, in case I needed any additional 'help' on this same problem.
    I'm ready to split heads at Microsoft's offices (pun intended). Both of them, after wanting to charge me $99 for them helping me to a solution (which I doubt they could have done), pointed me to the microsoft forum with the search for the above error message that pointed to 142 possible solutions, none of which seemed to fit. No I did not spend the $99 bucks, which is why they blew me off without a wing and no prayer.
    I do believe that it is the SP's that are causing the problem. I'm on Widows Vista Ultimate. I don't know what to try next. as up 'til 5 am and been on this all day.
    Any thoughts? :confused: I need some sleep :eek:.