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    have you heard of ad blocker ?
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    Windows pkeyconfigs seems messed up
    Win 8 is for Win 8.1
    Win 10 14393 is used for all later versions (up to 20262)
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    thanks all is ok now :)
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    Info still says 149 is this cosmetic? I have dl from the up page 1
    Edit Just forget, I run the program and it says 150 so guess no probs all just fine

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    ok i will make a separate entry for the 8.x w/ESU's
    as for the win10 from rs2->20262 you say it is using the RS1 pkeyconfig?
    the code logic is correct, can you PM me keys for the specific versions so i can test.
    not sure why it would not grab the pkeyconfig assigned....hmmmm
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    if i leave it all as is from 1.49 what is the new win8 xrm-ms you attached in the archive for?

    as for win10 logic looks correct.
    i'll have to look into it.

    wow 3 years away and look what happens :)

    edit: also can you attach the ProductKeyUtilities.dll from each win 10 version.
    i remember there used to be an issue with that dll file, it could be the culprit.
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    will rewrite the code, somethimng must have gotten borked.
    have something over weekend.

    thanks again for the help.
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    have you fixed the code ?
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    Isn't possible check Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC Keys with v1.50? I get always "Error: Unsupported PKeyConfig file or Invalid Key"! I tested all Win10 Versions they are listed. It works only with "Load Custom PkeyConfig".
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    Hi, could someone knowledgeable please help me interpret the output of this tool?

    Trying to figure out what I bought from a local computer store that I don't fully trust. They say they're a microsoft partner but I have reasons to doubt that.

    I am trying to figure out if I have a real retail Windows 10 Pro key, or if it's a (often time-limited) technet, or msdn, or dreamspark, or similar restricted key.

    Interesting info, perhaps:
    - The key is registered now as a "digital license" on my Microsoft Account.
    - Microsoft support was happy to help me move this exact key from an earlier computer to my new computer. They didn't complain about me moving it. And afaik, only retail keys are allowed to be moved. So that hints that it's real retail?
    - The Windows version below in the PID tool is listed as "RTM" (Release to Manufacturing, aka "Gold Master / Public Release").

    With slmgr /dlv:
    Name: Windows(R), Professional edition
    Description: Windows(R) Operating System, RETAIL channel
    Product Key Channel: Retail
    License Status: Licensed
    Remaining Windows rearm count: 1001
    Remaining SKU rearm count: 1001

    With this Microsoft PID Checker tool, checking product "Windows 10 / Server 2019 20H1 RTM (19041)":
    Product Key: ...
    Key Status: Valid
    Product ID: ...
    Extended PID: ...
    Activation ID: ...
    Edition Type: Professional
    Description: Win 10 RTM Professional Retail
    Edition ID: \[TH\]res-v3308
    License Type: Retail
    License Channel: Retail
    Crypto ID: 3308
    MAK Count: -1

    Is anyone skilled enough to interpret this information to know whether it's real retail, or technet, msdn, dreamspark, volume, etc?

    And does anyone know if 1001 rearm count is normal? While seeing a MAK count of -1?

    Bonus question: What on Earth is "Edition ID: \[TH\]res-v3308"? (Ignore the backslashes, I added them since the forum didn't like the brackets). I tried to research this edition ID but found weird spam sites.

    Grateful for any help possible to get to the bottom of this key research. :)

    - Johnny
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    Mar 5, 2021
    Hi, I would have a simple question about Microsoft PID Checker, PID Key Checker, Show KeyPlus and in general all these tools that check the MS serials codes.
    Are the database to which they connect a trusted source?
    Do they connect to official MS validation database to check the autenticity of a serial code?

    Some time ago I bought a lot of serials for my company from a German retailer. The codes were sold as Windows RETAIL. I checked a random sample of them through PID Key Checker and Show KeyPlus and in fact they resulted as RETAIL codes.
    After some time I received a complain from a client of mine. He informed me that the codes were nota RETAIL codes for general market but MSDNAA (DreamSpark) codes.
    I called MS support center and with a great surprise they confirmed that were all MSDN codes. So not RETAIL codes nor destined to general market.

    This is the reason at the base of my questions above. The database from which these tools take the information on the codes are offical MS database or are a "private" collection of serials?
    Or maybe there is no connection to any database... the type of license is traced back on the basis of the serial and some sort of reverse calculation or association to each digit of the serial.

    Thank you for any clarifications.

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    The only connection to Microsoft is made when you check a MAK (Multi-Activation Key) for remaining activations. You don't have MAKs.

    All other information displayed are essentially being read from the keys themselves. It's exactly what Windows Setup (the offline part) does when you enter your key there.
    The key is either run through the genuine MS key verification itself (e. g. Windows 7, using the pidgenx.dll file), or the algorithm is known and checked directly (Windows 8, 10). For that reason, Windows 7 (and Vista, XP) keys may take a long time to check.

    Now to the bad news. The information if a key is MSDN/Technet etc. is not directly stored in the key. At least the checker tools I know will display the License Channel only, which is RETAIL, even for MSDM.
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    @Carlos Detweiller : Thank you for the clarifications.
    Only 2 doubts...
    1) among the various tools, I found only Showkeyplus advertised through "official channels" like MS store. Why? It seems that Showkeyplus works in the same way of Microsoft PID Checker and PID Key Checker
    I think that calculate or tracing back the type of Windows version from its serial code does not infringe any coyrights or industrial property rights of Microsoft... so what is the difference among the tools and why Showkeyplus is the only one officially advertised?

    2) The second doubt is mainly on @aitte reply.
    His link is useful but the numbers are too much generic or cover a too wide range
    I am learning on my own that some other useful references could come from "sub-type" codes (eg what results from PID Key Checker Genuine not MSDN codes are often identified by the code 3307.
    But this identification attempt could be useful if someone else along with me, could deepen the examination of this reference (I mean "sub-type") on his lot of serials.

    Anyway I hope that what written above could be useful to other users.
    I would like to receive your opinions on my two doubts.
    Thank you.
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    1) I don't know that util, sorry. It's essentially personal preference of the author. Most of the advanced tools work only through the command line (which Microsoft likes to pretend doesn't exist), or they work in advanced ways that will never attract the common user.
    Many of the tools I use personally can really screw up a system*. MS doesn't want such tools in their repos. They have SysInternals, but that's kinda an exception and not widely advertised.

    *Good examples of such tools is the majority Nirsoft has to offer. :) Very powerful, but setting off AV software everywhere.

    2) I don't have these figures, sorry. Mainly using SystemBuilder licenses which are legal to use, here. These keys are OEM:NSLP. I have very few RETAIL keys, and these are store-bought (the real store, not the MS one) or were upgrades for OEM (like the Windows WMC upgrades, XP to Vista, as well as the Windows 7 Family Edition).
    MSDM keys are essentially MAKs of RETAIL type (regular MAKs are Volume). They are restricted to be used at one site, but work 10 times. Illegitimate key sellers sell each key multiple times, works in many cases where keys are only used once per buyer.
    Unfortunately, unlike for regular MAKs, you cannot check remaining activations.