microsoft wireless desktop 3000 problem does not fresh install window 7

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    Nvidia Geforce 8400gs problem solved

    i was having problem with Nvidia Geforces 8400GS
    the montior was hook up to hdmi port.
    my montior is acer A233hu
    window 7 was having trouble install fresh with window 7 with hdmi connector on Nvidia geforce 8400GS pci express card
    before would had to install window vista sp2 and install ethernet driver because window did not vista bulit in driver for onboard ethernet card plus had to all update before i upgrade to
    window 7.
    now figure it solve the problem what i did

    1. shutdown my computer
    2. unplug the hdmi cable for my montior and nvidia geforces 8400gs pci express video card
    3. plug in vga cord to back of my montior and nvidia geforces 8400gs pci express video card
    4. install window 7 fresh install deletted all partion and created new partion
    and format partion and window 7 install with no error
    on my nvidia geforces 8400gs pci express video card using the vga cable

    so that how fixed the problem .

    can someone please change the thead title to
    Nvidia geforces 8400 GS problem solved

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