MMtool, changelogo and HUH?!

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    Nov 22, 2012
    (both questions have numbers)
    changelogo.exe ver (per Windows properties)
    txt file says its 4.40.0025, and there should be a FWLib file, which there is not.
    extracts a 1024x768 jpg.
    will only allow a .jpg extension to replace logo, but says .jpg not allowed by bios.
    created a bmp and gave it .jpg extension and it allowed it.
    1. WTF?!
    If I open newly saved rom file it asks for bmp extension.
    The logo works but is zoomed in, so I'm trying to find the original resolution and picture type. (hence next section)

    MMtool ver
    open the rom. found two posts where logo is stored at 7BB2(etc) -it is not named
    extracted with jpg, bmp, etc. Nothing. used file type ID tool
    returned: GNU Privacy Guard public keyring
    2. does this mean it's encrypted and only Asrock and/or AMI has the key?