MOD HP DV6-6b14ed (whitelist wifi cards)

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    Dec 17, 2012
    sorry about my bad English!

    i have a HP Pavilion DV6-6b14ed. i have buy a Intel Centrio Advance N6230 but is doesn't work

    -Manufacturer: HP
    -Motherboard Model: DV6-6b14ed
    -Bios revision: F.1B
    -Bios Type: Insyde ( I THINK SO.... )
    -Current original card (like): Broadcom bcm9431hmgbepa
    -Card to be added (like): intel centrino advanced N6230

    i have done:

    1. Remove existing wireless card from laptop, leave the access cover off.
    2. Boot laptop and enter boot selection screen. Press F8 therefore.
    3. Install new card (whilst laptop is running), no need connect antenna wires.
    4. Boot into windows and new card will appear as unknown device.

    but by even restart it doesn't work

    how can i do this steps:

    5. Now you can obtain exact ven, dev & subsys id's from device properties

    -patch an unused ID sequence with the ID sequence of your new card. Correct sums if needed (HP’s own bioses)
    -rebuild the biosimage.

    Instructions for efi, Insyde, Phoenix bioses:

    Use andy's Phoenix tool version 1.55 or above.
    Tick No SLIC and Allow users to modify other modules.
    Open the bios to be modified. The tool extracts the modules into the dump folder and pauses.
    Now search for your byte sequence in the dump folder. Or try to find the whitelist code, or modify what you need.
    Save your modifications.
    The tool will notice about the changes and reintegrate the modified module.
    Please note we don’t use the tool to SLIC a bios, but to decompose the modules / rebuild the bios.

    can you help please,

    explain it not to difficult please (my English is not so good :) )

    thank you very much..