MORE DX11 Games ....

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by djmd, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. djmd

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    Jul 15, 2009
    But most in 2010

    ATI is trying to push for as many DirectX 11 titles as possible, but most of them will come at a later date, probably at some point in 2010.

    ATI is supposed to launch its new DirectX 11 generation on September 22nd / 23rd depending on the country and time zone, and as of that time, they will try to push DirectX 11 really hard and emphasize its importance. The reason is simple, Nvidia doesn’t have it and they do.

    They have four games: the new Stalker game, Dirt 2, Aliens versus Predator and Battleforge. We don’t know when they will come but lets hope at least one can show up this year, but even this is highly unlikely.

    By the time DirectX 11 starts coming, Nvidia will have its full DirectX 11 lineup, but as development of games first starts on consoles it looks that we will be stuck with DirectX 9 tweaked to DirectX 10 or DirectX 11 games for a while.

  2. Michel

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    Jul 29, 2009
    In my eyes directx 11 is not needed in this time of computer gaming. Developers use alot of directx 9 and a few use directx 10. I dont think many directx 11 games will get released this year or next year.

    I stick with my ATI 4870 card for 2 years.
  3. burfadel

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    Aug 19, 2009
    Game developers will more likely develop Directx 11 games than Directx 9 games. The reason why they overlooked Directx 10 games is that the Directx 10 featureset was crippled by request by Nvidia. Directx 10.1 made some gain back on that featureset, however game developers relunctantly bowed to pressure by Nvidia and stuck with Directx 10, instead of making Directx 10.1 compatible games (which still work perfectly fine in Directx 10!). The reason being, Nvidia has no Directx 10.1 cards, and Directx 10.1 was significantly faster than Directx 10 for certain things. Any game with the logo 'Nvidia, the way its meant to be played' (or whatever it is), especially those that came out after Vista SP1 (which included Directx 10.1) and is only Directx 10 sounds like they bowed to the pressure of Nvidia and crippled their own games.

    Directx 11 actually included all the features Directx 10 was meant to have, and a few extra, but some of the big drawcards feature and performance wise were actually supposed to be part of Directx 10. Directx 10 wasn't visually superior over Directx 9, however Directx 11 looks like it can be (potentially). Game developers simply won't bow to the same pressure they did with Directx 10 and make proper Directx 11 games, since they will only benefit as people's taste will demand more visually stimulating graphics.
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    Sep 26, 2009

    I'm thinking the same thing. My ATI 4850 still runs Fallout3 at the highest settings beautifully without slowing down a bit.

    Fallout 4 won't be out until the end of 2010. It probably will work just fine on my 4850 also.