Mouse acting chaotically

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    Sep 12, 2008
    GETTING DESPARATE :confused: :confused: :confused:

    Problem: open a folder

    1. files in a sequence
    2. right-click on one
    3. menu pops up
    4. any attempt to move mouse through the menu results in chaotic stuttered movement
    5. work cursor to the empty pane field...wait until it stops to get out of command
    6. re-attempt, and it now works...and continues to work on a file which it has already been jerky with
    7. appears to affect files, not folders or shortcut links...

    I am still scouring the net for a resolution...unfortunately...bummer. I've reinstalled the driver, done an SFC...defragged, etc., etc.. Downloaded and installed an updated change. Returned to original change. It acts like a CPU drain, as if another prog is fighting for the same resources, and only in the right pane, and only upon trying to open a folder with the right button, and throughout the accompanying stutters and shakes all over the place until I can get to my command...up to and from that menu on, it works fine. I even replaced the mouse! She no work

    Edit: o.k., after much consternation, I figured out that it had to be a conflict between progs controlling the right pane. So, what did I have on board doing that...I installed "SHELL Extension VIEWER" to see if I could get a handle on just what was in the Shell folder...followed the instructions but that only proved that nothing logical in the shell was affecting the mouse. I continued on with the feeling that it was a conflict problem...more than one prog was fighting to do the same operation. O.k., what progs did I have that were set up to mimic each other, unknowingly...?

    The net seemed to hint at it being a conflict, so I continued with that premis. I uninstalled some programs in order to determine which one was the culprit: Get Data's "Explorer View," ATI's latest Catalyst Control Centre [graphics], Intell Wheel Mouse driver, and "Universal Viewer." I think Explorer View and Universal Viewer were the baddies...but it proved not to be so...

    The mouse is now flying around like a homesick bat... but I am not holding my breath.

    RE-EDIT 11/09/2008...NO RESOLUTION...still searching...there appears to be as many solutions as there are consistency...the latest I've with speed, but most refs refer to a graphics, here is a did not work for me.

    Another site thought that it was a graphics issue...therefore...

    "Graphics: Removing the Custom Desktop Right-Click Context Menu

    Symptom(s): Desktop right click menu is too slow for some customers.

    Solution: Follow these steps to remove the Intel custom additions to the desktop right-click menu:

    1. Download the Remove_Intel_Menu.reg file to a temporary folder.
    2. Navigate to the folder where the Remove_Intel_Menu.reg file was saved and double-click the file to add the information to the registry. Click OK when prompted.
    3. After doing so, the menu should be gone immediately.

    To re-enable the menu, reinstall the graphics drivers.

    Operating System: Windows* 95, Windows* 95 OSR 2.x, Windows* 98, Windows* 98 SE, Windows* 2000, Windows* Me, Windows NT* 4.0, Windows* XP Professional, Windows* XP Home Edition"