MPC Client Pro 424 advanced menu unlock (AMI)

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    hi guys .. i never done advanced menu unlock and i dont have much time to learn.
    basically this MicronPC Client Pro 424 works great in XP with ATI x1600 but in win7 x86 it gives error code 12 not enough resources available.

    here is slic 2.1 bios AMI to see if anyone can unlock Advanced menus.
    MicronPC Client Pro 424

    researching this and it seems a shot at it is either DSDT fix or advanced menu unlock to change AGP Aperture to 256.( it shows PCI-E in amibcp)
    or even check if Plug And Play is enabled.

    someones fix for a different pc same issue:
    "solution was to go in to my BIOS' memory settings and increase the AGP memory aperture from 128MB to 256MB. That solved all the resource and driver issues for my card"