MSDaRT 8 - Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset (ISO)

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    Powerful tools to accelerate desktop repair
    Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset, a core component of the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack for Software Assurance, helps IT teams make PCs safer to use, keeps employees productive, and enables desktops that are easier and less expensive to manage. Administrators can easily recover PCs that have become unusable, rapidly diagnose probable causes of issues, and quickly repair unbootable or locked-out systems, all faster than the average time it takes to reimage the machine.

    Shift desktop repair planning from reactive to proactive
    Many IT departments take a proactive approach to backing up network data, but tend to be reactive in planning for desktop system failures. The most common solution is to reimage the machine, but that can result in loss of user settings, personalization, and potentially data. The Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset provides a foundation for shifting desktop repair procedures from reactive to proactive. Organizations can develop recovery and support plans that best fit their IT staffing and infrastructure requirements. A proactive approach can help save time and reduce the challenges associated with troubleshooting and repairing system failures.

    Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset: Advantages
    Accelerate IT responsiveness and reduce downtime
    The toolset helps IT professionals quickly respond to and resolve user issues onsite or remotely. It also helps your IT staff work more quickly and simplifies helpdesk support, reducing your overall support costs as well as lost productivity caused by downtime.

    Simplify Desktop Troubleshooting, Repair, and Recovery
    The 14 tools in the toolset provide intuitive options for repair and recovery, even when the machine will not boot normally. The easy-to-use, offline boot environment helps IT teams quickly repair computers. They can recover deleted files, analyze crash dumps, and remove malware from infected systems while the computer is offline. This helps protect other computers on the network and reduces the amount of time the computer is unavailable. Not sure which tool is the correct one, then answer the simple Solution Wizard questions to be pointed in the right direction. Additional key tools include Crash Analyzer, which helps determine the most likely cause of a crash, and Defender which helps detect malware and warn you of security risks.

    From download to deployment in no time
    The simple image creation process, coupled with an intuitive user interface, allows organizations to rapidly deploy, use, and benefit from the toolset. Deploying via bootable media such as CD, DVD, or USB is one of the fastest routes to deployment. However, depending on your infrastructure, deploying locally to end-user machines or via network boot servers may provide more long term benefit.
    Guidance for IT professionals can be found at the Windows TechCenter.

    Both x86bit and x64bit

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    There is already a thread for DaRT 8. Do your research before just posting. As for someone who downloads your image, it just shows how lazy they truly are. It takes literally 5 minutes and patients to create one.....

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    Thank for this, next time i double check it... :)
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    mediafire folders are empty.
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    Mediafire is getting really useless! They deleting all contents, even private content without any notice from free accounts.
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