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    Apr 18, 2009
    Hi, I'm new to the XP SLP things. I had a Windows XP tablet CD downloaded from MSDN, and I wish to install it on a lenovo x61 tablet. I'm pretty sure the lenovo bios has the SLP things, as it can be configured w XP pre-installed.

    Can I just pop in the XP disc and activated with a SLP key? Or do I have to do something else, like slip some files into the iso, or type something in command line like Vista? What exactly do I have to do? I searched and saw some OEM folder was mentioned, but couldn't find the exact answer. Thx.
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    You need top add the OEMBIOS files for the Lenovo may help with the files necessary..See threads for converting Xp pro retail to OEM. It is not difficult, Read this....
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