MSI K9A2GM AMD-V SVM activated

Discussion in 'Virtualization' started by BootMaster, Aug 12, 2009.

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    I just want to tell you that I finaly got 64bit VM (virtualbox) running!
    I have a MSI K9A2GM board (MSI-A7501) and an AMD AM2 socket CPU. I asked MSI support twice to tell me how to activated AMD-V SVM pacifica in this board. They told me to have an AM2+ or AM3 CPU to have hardware virtualisation. AM2 is not supported but I could have a test BIOS. With this one flashed in my board I can run every VM with 64bit client with no problems. It is compiled in june 2009. AMD-V SVM (secure virtual machine) is running fine :) Btw my virtualbox clients run much faster with AMD-V enabled.
    Now I am able to run XENserver on my PC.

    Just if you have some sort of MSI board and want to run hardware virtualisation go and ask MSI support for a special BIOS or buy a AM2+ or AM3 Processor.

    Good Luck!!

    PS: Win7 XP Mode also needs hardware virtualisation enabled.
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    That's nice AMD is supporting older products in this way : )