mui (multilingual user interface) problems after sp2 with vistaloader

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    For a few months now, i've been using a vista sp1 installation that already had a vistaloader activation, don't know which.

    A few days ago i installed sp2 from windows update and i realized that i can't get optional muis from windows update anymore, but everything was activated and genuine, i passed the wga at ms site, still could get vista extras from winupdate, all ok, only no more mui updates available.
    Rolled back with image backup, installed first a few muis, after that i wasn't offered the sp2 through windows update anymore. :(

    I then uninstalled vistaloader (no idea which one i had) with vistaloader v4.1, then installed vistaloader 4.1 with no oem info (also tried variation with vistaloader 4.0), installed wga/oga crack (not sure if i really needed that, but anyway i thought better to have a genuine office advantage thing as well - hope it won't mess anything), and installed sp2, which i downloaded from elsewhere since winupdate did not offer it anymore, now that i had more than 1 mui installed. I also installed kb940510 just to see if i get any probs but no 940510 doesn't do anything to my activation, everything is fine, but for the muis. :confused:

    After that the only way i could install additional muis was through the procedure explained here with vista mui tools v2.55.

    Some people that used wow6, also told me they had the same mui problem.

    Is this mui problem inevitable with sp2 activation cracks, or is there another option? Other than that i don't experience anything else disturbing with vistaloader 4.1 and since mui tools also work fine, is more out of curiosity that i'm interested in this now. :rolleyes:
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