My Dad doesn't understand wireless connections...

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    We have my wireless router in my bedroom which is on one side of the house, and our living room is on the other side of the house. My dad is trying to watch Netflix out in the living room, however it keeps retrieving. Everyone who is using the internet is doing the same thing they always do when they are on it while my dad is on Netflix so nothing has changed. I tried to explain how different things could affect the signal, like walls, other electronics, and range, but he insists on telling me that if everyone in our house wasn't on the internet (about 2 people) it would be better. I find this highly unlikely, because our internet speed is around 17mbps which, if I understand correctly, would be about 1.7MB of download speed. So the fact that it's because people are on the internet does not make any sense to me. I also tried telling him wireless signals can be inconsistent, where they will be fine one minute then give us trouble another.

    So correct me if I am wrong, but I am sure it's just the signal that is getting messed up between the router and our device that is streaming Netflix.
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    I've got a router in the basement where the cable comes in. Signal is weak in the extremities of the house, so I ran a cable to the second floor and put another router on a different channel there which gives much better signal. and if I want a real good connection I do it with cable from either router. Another thought, wireless is like an old party line telephone only one person can talk at a time. So there can be some interference between users at times. Some applications give a message "Buffering" indicating that the programming is waiting for data. Using two routers on different channels would obviously help... Just some ideas. ...T
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    tell'em run some Cat5 to his system. Leave the wifi to the rest of the family. If you could get him to try wired instead of WiFi he may never go back lol
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    Yeah I know that, haha. I hate wireless, but the problem with getting him wired is the device is wireless only. (Roku HD is the device he uses to watch Netflix) I told him about the home plug, and he said "Well, we don't need it." I have a feeling he just likes being difficult, that or didn't like the price tag. :p
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    Hmm, just a pointer as I had two versions of the Ethernet over wall sockets plugs. We have 70MB fibre and they limited me to only 1.5mbps =\
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    true.. i rather buy cat5e ethernet cords cheap.

    try to show the signals to your dad.. show him dead spots.
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    He obviously doesn't know the relative speed of wireless vs wired ethernet. You could just get a USB ethernet adaptor for about $15 on and demonstrate it!