My girlfriend refuses to move in with me ..meh

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    Jun 7, 2014

    I smoke weed ,I'm addicted to cigarettes,live in a small room, freelance programmer basically a loner . I'm dating this girl .... she is planning on moving in with me but finds the smell of nicotine laced air in the room unbearable .. she goes on a coughing and sneezing spree the moment she enters and by the time she leaves she is all irritated and annoyed and what not and I have to do this flowers and chocolate thing for her to bring here back to normal.Any practical solution to get rid of smoke /nicotine smell ??

    She says she won't move in with me until I do something about it :(
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    Jul 16, 2011
    Quit smoking .......OR.......... Breakup
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    Troll thread - there is only one answer and OP obviously wants us to side with him, which we won't

    Plus, this is not a mental health / relationship forum
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    Are you trying to troll this forum ?:nono:

    If you use Google and search for solution you'll obviously find many ways to get rid of smoke .I feel if you really loved her and want her to move in with you then simple you would just smoke outside and do everything possible to keep her comfortable.

    Assuming you are really looking for a solution you can try using air purifiers or air filters for your air conditioner . I personally never felt the need to use one but I got one for my niece recently. You'll have to figure out something which works fine for you .