Need a server running MDS and automated backup and still work as a HTPC

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    Need a server running MDT and automated backup and still work as a HTPC.
    This is as I understand it not a recommended way to go and perhaps even really stupid.
    Problem is I simply do not have the space to put in another computer in my flat, at least not if I wish to keep my wife. She has put her foot down!

    The only machine that may be used is my HTPC running plain old W7. It’s a small system running on a AMD A-Series A4-3300 and 8Gb.
    Now if there is a way to do this simple, without needing to hack and carve the system into submission, what do you recommend?

    Reason to use MDT is that I install a lot of computers and I like to experiment a lot... And it's fun...

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    Buy Raspberry Pi, it is by fat the smallest & absolutely perfect media player (running XMBC)
    Then use PC for whatever else you want

    Mandriva Directory Server, an LDAP server