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    Dec 4, 2011
    I have a zoostorm with a ultra durable ga-h61m-ds2dvi gigabyte motherboard. what I want to know can I upgrade it. ie memory card can I only go for another 4g there is 4g card in at the minute. plus power supply I think it is only 250/300 watts I cannot remember now. but can I put something in like 600/750 watts corsair. I know they have to be sata connection because that's what it is. really I need something to connect 2 hdd and cd/dvd writer. the processer is 2.60ghz so will that be ok. I'm running w7 and w10 on the same machine I know with the 4g I can only install x86 stuff so what's the max I can go to with memory card and power supply. thank you.