Need BIOS modify guide for toshiba L850 labtop

Discussion in 'BIOS Mods' started by chark, May 5, 2014.

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    Sep 7, 2011
    sorry for my bad English first, it's not my native language

    Before I try modify this labtop's BIOS.
    I had mod some mainboard BIOS by myself and success.
    but this bios defeat me.

    here is bios download link

    I unzip bios file ska8v630.exe and find out another executable file
    then unzip it again
    got 5 more executable file, I know two of them is bios file
    name DR10F630.EXE and DR10F863.EXE
    DR10F630.EXE for Windows 7
    DR10F863.EXE for Windows 8

    unzip DR10F630.EXE to get bios file DR10F630.FD and platform.ini

    I found some tread, those tread guide me find out platform.ini
    because this file control what kind data will be flash in bios.
    I need find my labtop P/N in platform.ini then change it's position.
    let flash program consider my labtop had slic 2.1 before

    but I can't find it in platform.ini
    my labtop P/N is PSKAET-00N002
    It's mean my step wrong? or I find wrong file?

    one more question
    if I modify bios file done, how to zip them back?
    just open file with 7-zip, then drop file in same folder?

    Sincerely thank you for your answer :rolleyes: