Need Help - After bios update windows wont load, crashes, reboots

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    Jul 31, 2009
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    Motherboard: Foxconn Bloodrage X58 lga1366
    Windows 7 ultimate

    I just updated my bios from a modded P09 version bios. It was modded using the 0+2 method and worked flawless.

    So I updated the bios to version P11 using the same 0+2 method. Then s**t went bad.

    Every time I boot windows it crashes at the animation screen, sometimes freezes or reboots. It starts in safe mode though.

    I tried to reinstall windows 7 and after the disk loads it freezes or reboots every time. I tried using ahci mode and ide mode, used a sata dvd drive and a ide dvd drive. Nothing will budge.

    Can my bios mod be causing this behavior, maybe the ACPI tables are screwed. like i said version P09 did not do this. I am not able to downflash either.

    If someone could take a look at this bios and tell me what mod method I should use.

    I also tried using my dual bios chip and it gives me a bios cheksum error with that bios version.


    Bios page from manufacturer