NEED HELP BADLY (K9NU). BIOS Flash fail, computer is not working.

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    Howdy everyone, If anyone can help me restore my computer to working again I would be really happy.

    Motherboard info: K9NU Neo-V ( MS-7270 )

    I downloaded there own product "LiveUpdate" after installing and the computer was gonna flash bios.
    After reboot the computer stopped working. Now the computer only has a blank black screen. The monitor is just blinking, doesn't seem to get any signals at all from the computer. Tried putting in Windows install CD but as I mentioned nothing happens when I turn the computer on. Just black screen. No beeps or sounds when I turn the computer on, even left it on for a few hours... just in case. Just hear the fans spinning.

    And yes it is true that the program asked me to do a backup of the Bios before I did the Flash, but my computer does not have any Disk station and I dint want to call friends and see if any of them had some old laying around.
    To be honest I dint have a clue that this could have so serious consequences.... s**t happens and been searching around a any way to fix this. I have tried to remove the battery on the motherboard for a few hours. Also changed the jumpers praying for a reset. But it dint help me one bit.

    What Jumper: JBAT1 ( Clear CMOS with jumper JBAT1 )

    I found the following info about "12345678.ROM" / "AMIBOOT.ROM" I guess that could fix the problem but the problem is that I dint make anything like that, prior to my BIO Flash.
    (Note: 12345678.BIN represents the name of your BIOS.)

    So now I'm wondering if anyone does have these files or could get a hold of them somehow. Or if anyone does have some other nice way to solve it. Then please let me know.
    AMI BIOS Recovery

    AMI has an embedded recovery technique in the 'boot block' of the BIOS. In the event that the BIOS becomes corrupt the boot block can be used to restore the BIOS to a working state. The routine is called when the 'system block' of the BIOS is empty or corrupt. The restore routine when called will access the floppy drive (1.44Mb floppy disk drive) looking for a file named AMIBOOT.ROM.
    This is the reason the floppy drive light comes on and the drive appears to be in use. If the file (AMIBOOT.ROM) is found it is loaded into the 'system block' of the BIOS to replace the corrupted information.
    To restore your BIOS copy the most recent version of your motherboards BIOS file to a floppy diskette and rename it AMIBOOT.ROM. The diskette does not need to be bootable or contain a flash utility. It will access the floppy from 2-5 minutes the system will beep four times. Remove the floppy diskette from the drive and reboot the computer. if when you turn on the system it does not try to access the floppy, press and hold the 'CTRL' and 'HOME' keys at the same time. This will force the system (assuming the 'boot block' isn't corrupted) to access the flopy and look for the AMIBOOT.ROM file.

    Step by Step:

    Method 1.
    1. Rename the desired AMI BIOS file to AMIBOOT.ROM and save it on a blank floppy disk. e.g. Rename 12345678.ROM to AMIBOOT.ROM
    2. Insert this floppy disk in the floppy drive. Turn On the system
    3. If no floppy access occurs press and hold Ctrl-Home to force update. Follow insructions on the screen and it will read the AMIBOOT.ROM file and recover the BIOS from the A drive.
    4. When 4 beeps are heard you may remove the floppy disk.
    5. When there is no more activity, wait for a while and restart the computer.

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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    And no do not waste time and energy writing comments like "Thats why you should not Flash if you dont know what you are doing" ....
    Comments like that is just pointless and will not help one bit. . .