Need HELP HP dm4/dv5 owners (01433.bin)

Discussion in 'BIOS Mods' started by engie, Apr 9, 2012.

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    Apr 9, 2012
    Sparing all the details, I have a bricked dm4 due to bad bios update, and a previously removed HP_TOOLS partition.

    I simply need someone with one of the notebooks in the DM4/DV5 line(including several other hp lines and one compaq line) running bios F.27, F.26, F.23, or F.17A bios to upload a single 2mb file online for me.

    The exact path to the file is: Computer > HP_Tools(drive letter xx) > Hewlett Packard > BIOS > Current > FILES NEEDED

    There are two files in this folder and I need them both. The important one is 01433.bin. The other is a sig file that I'm not positive whether or not I need, but I assume that I do.

    I'm willing to pay someone for their trouble on this. You'll be helping MANY owners get their computer back, because without getting too technical, none of the generic hp recovery methods work on this particular bios chip. The 01433.fd that comes in the bios update is RSA signed and not easily convertible to the needed .bin file without the computer booting up, a process that is obviously impossible and logically circular.

    I will upload a tutorial here on this recovery procedure after I get it working with exact instructions, as well as hosting the file(S) online myself to help people in the future with my problem.

    Thanks in advance!