need help modding phoenixbios 2.0 for toshiba satellite

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    Aug 4, 2011
    ok well i been at this for three days now not getting enough sleep trying to figure out how to modify the bios of my laptop so that i get all the advance options on the bios screen and therefor be able to switch on and off the SMART option for my sata drive as well as the other options the manufacturer locks/disables....reason im trying to so this is so that i can install hackintosh on my laptop, and even if i end up not being able to install it in it just having those options on my bios would be awesome....alright well i downloaded some tools i know i would need but i just dnt know how to use them or what to change on the files or w.e i have the Phoenix Mod Tool 1.42 which came with a bunch of slics and stuff i mostly dnt know what they are and i also have Phoenix Bios Editor Pro v2.2.1.3 this is the info for my laptop

    Toshiba Satellite A215 S7425
    Model Number:pSAFGU-03J002
    Phoenixbios version 2.0 ---->Note that it is not an phoenix award bios version.
    Windows 7 32-bit
    AMD processor
    Motherboard: unknown ---->really, i have no freaking clue, all i found was this number V000108680
    ummm if u need any other info on my laptop let me know please

    i downloaded the original bios from the toshiba site and extracted the files from the setup.exe and well i uploaded the other .exe file with all the actual bios files to megaupload you can just extract the content from it and youll find the .rom file.... here is the link: megaupload com/?d=YOG9W6KV

    so basically i need someone to tell me how exactly i can modify the bios with the tools i have so i can add all the advance options, also i would like to know if i can flash my bios chip with a different bios, that is not phoenix, i look up info on this but on some sites i found that it is possible modding the bios tho, and in other places i found that it is not possible, well i was thinking that maybe i could flash it with a version of Phoenix award bios, but im afraid to try cuz idk if it would F*** up my laptop.....ok well i really really would appreciate any help i can get.

    here are some pics on what my current bios screen looks like

    imageshack us/photo/my-images/707/cimg0565c.jpg/
    version says 1.9 cuz its my brothers laptop but its the same laptop and i updated mine to 2.0 already
    as you can see form the picture no options are given for my hard drive or even the disc drive

    imageshack us/photo/my-images/27/cimg0566m.jpg/