Need Help with this bios SLIC!!!!!!!

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    Hi guys,

    I have the presario c700 notebook pc. I installed windows 7 pro on it, but won't let me start due to my old bios.
    I recently requested in the bios thread for the f.35 version for the c700 (modded / slic) so it could run windows 7.

    TTAV134 responded with this information:
    -Manufacturer: HP Compaq
    -Model : Compaq Presario A900 C700 series, HP G7000 series (Intel Processors)
    -Bios Revision : F.35
    -Release: 9 May 2010
    -Bios Type : Insyde
    -Bios Link :
    -SLIC: HP 2.1
    -Tools: Phoenix Mod Tool v1.64 + manual mod for whitelist removal
    -Bios file: 30D9F35.fd
    -Modifier: TTAV134

    WLAN whitelist check "removed" + SLIC 2.1

    HP G7000_Compaq_C700_A900_sp48079_SLIC21_no_whitelist .zip
    Flash with InsydeFlash

    NOTE: The above link is dead, so tito replied with this one: (this is the current one I am thinking to flash with).
    A few questions before I start (as I have never flashed a modded bios).
    1. Will this version make my windows 7 pro boot normally. (i read that my laptop is locked to (highest operating system) vista).
    2. My current bios is f.22, can I just flash to the modded bios above without putting the original of that version first?
    3. Also, due to the fact that I have already installed windows 7, I cannot start up and use "insydeflash" to flash my bios. So is it possible to take the bios.fd file out and just flash via usb like other bios?
    4. If 3 is possible, by using the .fd file from the above download, would that be the modded bios or the original?

    Sorry for my long post, any help is GREATLY appreciated!