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Discussion in 'Windows Embedded' started by EgYpTZeRoDaY, Oct 28, 2012.

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    Oct 28, 2012
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    which version doesnt Expire , ? i heard about some versions like RC already expired , does the Thin PC build expire too , please if anyone could help compare all versions of this Windows Embedded and which latest versions by name or links please , which are the best and will work smooth .

    Thanks .:thumbsup:
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    Oct 9, 2012
    What do you mean the thin PC expires?all evaluation editions does need to get a full version of a particular OS.Windows embedded standard 7-- customize installation yourself to your own needs ( select components during setup,or install the tools and use ICE to make an answer file.)
    Windows embedded POSReady 7--just a pure configured version of the windows embedded standard 7,with offical support for some thinggy.
    Windows thin PC --a feature locked down system just for Slower PC in businesses thing
    Windows embedded standard 2009-- customize installation yourself,but you need a target computer,and a development use target designer to choose the complete thousands of components,but you need to choose the right ones,and if you did not choose a important one,some programs simply don't work.
    Windows embedded POSReady 2009-- same as POSReady 7.this is quite good,and is based on XP.
    Windows XP embedded-- earlier version of windows embedded standard 2009. All the tools are much the same,only the branding change .
    Windows embedded for point of service--earlier version of windows embedded POSReady.
    Windows fundamentals for legacy pcs-- for extremely old PC.
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    Your question is flawed all copies of the Evaluation are well self descriptive in nature and expire.

    The only copies which cannot expire are licensed or have been cracked.

    No other explanation is needed as I do not encourage cracking of an operating system. Only educational purposes would get any endorsement out of me.
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