Need rom image of P4V88 BIOS ROM, not the update!

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    SOLVED/UPDATE: I was able to flash the EEPROM with me EPROM programmer using the version 1.40 ROM image I backed up with AMIFLASH.EXE before trying to update (woohoo!). I was not sure if it would work, since I did not know if I backed up the bootblock.

    The Checksum of my backup v1.40 ROM image is different than the download file from ASROCK's website (no bootblock?). If any one else needs mine, I have it so you can un-brick your MB ;)

    Now to make it SLP (SLIC) 1.0 for Win XP

    :eek: I accidently bricked the BIOS (flash said it worked, but didn't). Now the PC won't POST, just turns on, no video out, no beeps.

    I have a EPROM programmer, and have pulled the BIOS chip, just need a working ROM image to program.