Need some Help reinstalling Vista - have a Toshiba Laptop with pre-installed Vista

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    Sep 23, 2008

    I'm really new here, and although I can say that I'm a fairly competent windows user, I haven't really entered into the BIOS modding/flashing scene, and am thus completely lost.

    I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro L40 Laptop that came preinstalled with a Vista Home Basic OS. Unfortunate, after installing Ubuntu and fooling around with System Commander (biggest mistake of my life), I'm guessing that my MBR was permanently damaged.

    I was unable to boot into either of my OS's. After using the Ubuntu LiveCD to copy all my personal files to my external Hard Disk, I tried using the Toshiba System Recovery Utility that resides in a hidden partition in my Hard Disk named HDDRECOVERY.

    By default, I had 3 partitions: 1, the vista WinRE, 2. My C: drive, 3. The HDDRECOVERY

    I now regret not making a recovery dvd that is bascally copied image of the HDDRECOVERY partition, as this would have saved me a lot of grief, I believe.

    When I tried the Toshiba Utility (by pressing '0' on boot), and selected any of the options there to restore my computer to it's out-of-the-box settings, it just returned an error (either can't create partition, or not enough free space) so I decided to use the LiveCD again to liberally delete some proggy's from my bloated C: drive (now 55GB, with 18 GB given to the Ubuntu Partition) I found out that I could no longer mount or see the C: partition, and when I opened the Partition Editor (gParted), I found out that the error had turned my C: drive into unallocated space (no format)

    So i've pretty much given up. It's going to cost around $50 per DVD to ship to country, if ever I opt to have the recovery DVD's shipped to me (which I'm not even sure will work).

    So I've decided to just format my disk, and install vista. I have the code from the COA sticker at the bottom of the laptop.

    I'm confused... what exactly should I do to reinstall and have a reactivated Vista?

    I'm supposing that I already have a SLIC, given that my laptop, released August of Last Year, came pre-installed with Vista.

    I'm really lost... where should I get Vista OEM DVD? I'm downloading some right now on torrent, will these work?

    Also, will I still use the serial on my COA? or will the SLIC bypass activate my hypothetically installed vista without need of a Serial. If so, shall it still download updates and such?

    Lastly, will I be able to install Vista Ultimate? even if my Laptop originally had only Vista Home Basic?

    I've been searching around, and I've mostly found VISTA DVD's that used a linux-boot-loader (which I don't want for two reasons: it looks ugly and unprofessional; it might mess up with dual boot) or Modified Vista... I was hoping for a CLEAN copy... I have a lot of memory and space, and I really never experienced any performance issues with Vista, so I'm content with the clean (supposedly bloated) version.

    Any Help? my email is, and I would be very grateful for assistance.
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    Sep 23, 2008
    Sorry for double posting but...

    by the way, as of now, the only way to access my laptop is by using an Ubuntu LiveCD... so I can't check using everest and stuff... but I've read a different thread by another L40 user saying that his has a SLIC (but that he was having problems because of a softMOD)
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