NetMon (Exclusivly for MDL, network statistics and inventory)

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    Mar 18, 2012
    Dear MDL Team,

    For a long time I am using this forum and always find an answer on most my questions.
    About 2 years I were developing a brand new exclusive network monitoring system that would feed requirements of small and medium organizations. Finally I got to a final step!
    I need your advice as a professionals.
    I am working on this project with my friends and they consider to sell application.
    However my choice is to make it available for all people, who really needs help in network monitoring and inventory.

    Below by the end of this post, is a link to a full version of application registered specially for “MDL forum” and all MDL users.

    I want your advice on this application, maybe any additional monitoring features and any network related things that are the must and we have missed.
    I want to create a full functional tool for network and system administrators, which may help them on daily basis.

    Description of application:
    Ping objects over TCP/IP
    * Gives ability to check objects for availability

    Check Services status on windows based platform:
    * Includes service disaster recovery feature. (Automatically start service
    if fail detected)

    Wake on LAN feature:
    * Gives ability to start Workstation automatically, if fail

    HDD status check:
    * Collect HDD information and "Alert", if HDD space is "Lower" that defined %

    Email Alerts:
    * Email notification system, allows to send email on any "alert"
    that was defined to be reported

    Show currently logged on users:
    * Gives ability to check in online mode, who is logged on a server locally

    Application Monitoring:
    * Monitors all installed software and gives detailed report, with export to Excel

    Advanced website blocker:
    * Uses a host file to prevent site from opening. (Not working if proxy or a gateway filter is used)

    Voice "Alert" system:
    * Send voice alarm on fail, if defined.

    Full history statistics:
    * All your monitoring is stored in MYSQL database
    * Detailed statistic for every element
    * Uptime statistic for all objects (Help to maintain network for a best result)

    Easy management:
    * Includes two mode level:
    a) Admin (Has full privileges)
    b) Support (Has read only privileges)
    * Easy import objects feature, you can define objects from excel file

    Flexible in devices mode:
    * Has main tree network objects:
    a) PC (Fully compatible to monitor windows based computers)

    b) Network Device (Checks, if device is online using
    simple ICMP request)

    c) Web service (Checks, if Web is online using
    specific test for a defined port)

    Heuristic power cut notification:
    *Simple console, gives you ability to add all devices that are not connected
    on main UPS, such as : Printers, any network device with TCP/IP interface
    in case, if all objects go down NetMon considers: “Power Cut”.
    Email notification with outage interval is provided and logged in Database

    Hardware inventory:
    *Collect all information about PC in your network, CPU, Memory, Manufacturer,Model. All statistics is stored in database.

    Active Directory Support:
    * Works with MS Active Directory

    If you want live demo, you can find it on our website, it shows main interface and functions.

    Application is created on php + mysql + apache
    I have made a portable version available based on “Uniform Server”, so this makes application unique in this type of programming.

    No Server/Client agents are required to monitor server, all is done using WMI triggers

    Note: To start Uniform server, please right click on "start.exe" in the root folder and choose "Run as an administrator". This is very important.

    Uniserver is not a part of our project, it is separate open source product we use as a WAMP server. To give portable functions.

    After you can log-in using a web browser to "localhost/netmon"

    Default username: admin
    Password: admin

    There is also second account without any password, account name: support
    This user has read only functions

    Finally got a big post, but this is result of hard work, we put for the last year.

    Here is a link for Full Special Registered version on “MDL Forum”

    Here is a link on our website, so you can see a demo and manual before downloading:

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    koolance MDL Novice

    Mar 18, 2012
    Dear All,

    I have updated for a version 2.5.1, Fixed bug:

    * History and link connection were stored for 24 hours

    This was our testing environment settings, so we probably missed this in final version. Now it has been fixed, everything must work fine.

  3. koolance

    koolance MDL Novice

    Mar 18, 2012
    Please, if anyone tried application, post your review.
    Thank you.
  4. koolance

    koolance MDL Novice

    Mar 18, 2012
    Dear All,

    We have done an update that resolves many reported issues.
    Please use this as it would be a new install, as database also was redesigned.

    If you will need to retain a history, we can provide MYSQL patch for new parameters

    Version 2.6
  5. koolance

    koolance MDL Novice

    Mar 18, 2012
    Dear All,

    Version 2.6.1

    * Jquery updated to last version
    * Jquery UI updated to last version
    * Bug fix in import function, some parameters were wrong during import from excel
    * Network log settings were removed, now all objects have network log:enabled
    This defines if monitoring data must be stored in mysql. Now all objects store data by default
    * Javascript was optimized
    * New power sensors were added and now it is possible to link sensor with IP interface to an object, if this sensor goes down object will indicate power outage
    This was done as special request for ATM monitoring. As Basically ATM is UPS + PC, there was no change to determine what goes down network on power
    Now if you link any network device and wont connected it on UPS, when ping to it fails this indicated power failure


    We have also done appliance for virtual infrastructure, but this is under test mode. Appliance use winodows server 2012 + zend server community edition
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    Mar 18, 2012

    2.6.1 silent update, jquery 1.9.2 made tabs not functioning, this was fixed
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    Mar 18, 2012
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    version 2.7

    New user control interface was added, now each user can have separate GMT time zone. So monitoring can be done for user preferred time zone.
    Email notifications are still sent using a global Time zone defined in options.
    But live reporting is linked to user choice

    script bugs were fixed, css was improved

    Hope you will enjoy this release