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Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by RASelkirk, Mar 17, 2012.

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    Why is it my network never works? I have 2 Win7 boxes and an XP box, and have my Win7 boxes setup as "work" networks so (supposedly) everything will communicate OK. I can see everything, but actually accessing anything is a whole 'nuther story. I always get this window with a green (non) progress bar at the top, along with a "not responding" message showing how crappy my network is. It's hit-or-miss, about 10% of the time, it works and 90% it's for sh!t. Any ideas?


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    If you have problems with sharing win7 over network, there are programs out there that make it very easy.

    Sounds like the log on user may not have the privileges to access the computer on the network. Have you set user privileges for that user on the computer and for the sharing folder?
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    may I ask why?

    if you need remote access to a machine just use remote desktop.

    I don't use libraries either but I still only share folders such as the ones with pics/movies/music in them.

    here's more general info:

    check to see they are all in the same workgroup

    when sharing folders, give "Everyone" access

    if you don't want to use libraries, don't put anything in them, just make separate media folders on another partition or drive
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    I prefer to keep data files with their native app folder. I have all my 'puters partitioned into 5 drives with different types of programs and their data filed on the appropriate drive. I like to think of my 'puters as filing cabinets and try and organize them as such... Now MS comes along and wants to tell me how to file my stuff - NOT!

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    hard to understand it