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    Jan 1, 2010
    hi all im hopping some1 out there can help my bro tried 2 update my bios off hp site,i dont no
    what he did but it froze up so he unplug it and when it started back up my bios was back to f.02 should be f.52 ,so i tried to update it off hp site but when it starts to update it just freezs up,so i tried to flas**t with ubs but it says wrong commands my update file name is 360BF52.fd ,if someone could give me clear steps on how to update off ubs , it would b cooool here is my info about bios and computer,thanks in advance

    BIOS Type: Wistron

    BIOS ID: F.02

    BIOS Date: 20080707

    BIOS Vendor: Hewlett-Packard

    BIOS Version: F.02

    BIOS Size: 2097152

    Chipset: Intel 2A40 rev 7

    Motherboard Name: Hewlett-Packard

    Motherboard Model: Compaq Presario Notebook PC CQ50

    System Name: Wistron

    System Model: Chassis Version

    Base Manufacturer: Wistron

    Base Product: 360B