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    Dec 23, 2015
    hi guys, I am thinking about buying a new desktop as it has been about 5 yrs since i bought one. I use my current desktop everyday. I am not a gamer, no editing or anything like that. I want my next desktop to last another 5 or more yrs i hope. What type of things should i look for when it comes to specs? If someone wants to take a shot at parts for me i can put it together I hope. I am looking to spend no more than $400. I might be able to use one of my old cases to install new mobo and what not. 1 case is 5 and the other is 10 yrs old. If you have any other questions you need answered plz ask me coz I am not sure i missed anything. I prefer a fast cpu, an ssd no bigger than 250 gb. Expensive graphics card is not necessary.

    If no one wants to to take a shot at parts maybe someone could recommend 1 already made. I live in Mass, USA.



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    bergy, i am in the uk so can only go on uk prices, my amd a8 7600 apu is retailing for 62gbp from several sources, a mobo is around 40gbp, 8gb ram is around 45 ish, samsung 850 250gb ssd is about 67gbp. kaveri and godavari apus go to 100gbp(some just over) and will do yoo very well for everyday stuff. skylake i3's are just under 100gbp but dont ignore the apus, they(my a8 7600) runs very nicely on 7 64 bit and are worth looking at on tight budgets
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    the a8 7600 runs at 3.1ghz, 65watt but can be configured to run at 45watt. an a68 chipset board with 4 sata connections are 35gbp ish. a88x boards have up to 8 sata connectors and are 45gbp upwards. an a68 board maywell suit you better. 4gb ram is 25gbp, but it is tight on w7 64bit, personally i would go for 8gb, though i currently run with 4gb and no pagefile without problems, but i do not have a lot of headroom. if you currently have 5(5? :g:)gb and you feel that is enough, hey ho, go for 4gb and save money. do not go for more than 128mb for the graphics, try 64mb and see if that is ok, and give yourself that extra 64mb for the os. try blackvipers services tweaks to give you some extra mb and disable windows update and scheduled tasks(use ccleaner for that). thats what i do and i have a nice little everyday do it all pc.
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    mind you, am4 is due soon ish, and as the 880k is excavator cored(?), it may be worth holding on till am4 apus are out, and from what i am reading, they may be excavator cored too