New to MACs. How to format and partition WIN 7 or any WIN?

Discussion in 'macOS' started by slolatino, Feb 3, 2011.

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    Before I start, just want to say that I am new at both this forum and MAC's!

    So the thing is I got a MacBook from someone and It has Mac OS X installed with a partition WIN XP.
    The WIN XP isn't full. Trail about 12 days left. On my desktop PC I Have WINDOWS 7 on a bootable usb instead of CD
    and I made it full with windows loader. However, it's not compatable with MAC it says.

    So what I want to do is format(remove MAC and WIN) and reinstall Mac OS X. I have the CD
    MacBook Mac OS X Install CD, yes?

    How do I format and install fresh OS?

    After, I want to make a windows partition. How can I do this with a cracked version? Like I have it on a bootable flash drive, that's how i install win 7 on all my desktops. But would it work on MAC or i need an actual cd? :C
    n then using a loader to make it full? :)

    Specs of this Macbook.

    -model MacBook 2.1
    -2.16 GHz Intel COre 2 Dup
    -1 GB RAM 667 MHz DDRS

    Thank you! and hopefully i start liking macs after this :)

    EDIT: I saw some tutorials and well you just insert CD, and yeah. But It asks for a password? I don't know it? What's this password for? Hopefully my friend still knows it...
    and if he does after i reformat and install MAC again, I need bundle package cd? i don't have that cd to put the programs back :/
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    I haven't had my mac for long and haven't tried but I think you simply insert the DVD, reboot and continually hold down the "C" (not the "option" key - oops) at start up and I think you get a choice to boot from the DVD.

    To use bootcamp you need an original Windows DVD - the "all in one" DVDs aren't recognised by Bootcamp - without bootcamp you will need a third party boot loader and luckily one exists - rEFIt - you can google it and download it - it works.

    Daz's Win7 loader works on a mac with less than a 1 TB harddrive.

    Windows 7 on my new 27" i5 iMac runs great in a vmware setup - windows score of 5.9 only because 5.9 is the max a non SSD harddrive can get - other scores above 7.2 - not too shabby for a virtual OS.

    I can run Office programs side by side with mac programs using a shared clipboard using unity view.

    That's all the help I can give now.
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