New workarounds for Vista SP1

Discussion in 'Windows Vista' started by hasseroeder, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. hasseroeder

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    Mar 2, 2008
    How does it work? I have two files:

    1. 6001Activatorx86x64-Bootldr2121F
    2. Vst.X-Free.AO_2.

    I'm using Windows Update, so SP1 is not running on my system because it's not available at the moment, but I think it will be soon.
    After installing Windows Vista I didn't use anything else but TimerLock (=Install Script for TimerStop Driver). It can be removed. So I think it's not necessary to reinstall Vista, isn't it? What should I do in what order? Hope you can help me. Please tell me exactly. Thank you.