No System Reserved Partition

Discussion in 'Windows 8' started by MrMagic, Jan 25, 2014.

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    Feb 13, 2012
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    Well the setup doesn't ask for the 350 MB partition if the disk looks new (it has no partition or it got deletet in the disk-view of the setup) So this is I think a normal expected behavoir.

    The next thing is that you'll never see such a 350 MB partition in the diskmanager. It's out of view purposly by the diskmanager. If you use another tool like diskpart or similar you probatly will see it. For a test boot up with a Windows Setupdisk and "go through" with the setup till you see the disk-view on selection of where to install Windows. There you will see the 350MB partition automatically created by the Windows-Setup.
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    Feb 20, 2012
    diskmgmt.GIF this over here,
    has to do with uefi and not paritioning during setup,
    in the partition part he has to delete disk 0 (windows one) and create new
    so setup can make this disk 0 like mine.

    this is UEFI setup FYI
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    If he installed to a completely unpartitioned disk, a System Restore partition should of been created without any user input.

    On non-UEFI installs, if you install Windows to a large-enough partition, it'll install without the restore partition. As for how to make this happen with diskpart; boot up a Windows installer, go into command prompt via Shift + F10, and type diskpart, then:
    list disk
    select disk 0 (or whatever the main drive is)
    create partition primary
    That wipes the disk completely, creates a single primary partition taking up the entire drive, and that's it. Windows installer will then install right to the partition, and won't create the restore partition since the entire drive has a partition already.

    Not sure how or if the GUI will let you do the equivalent of that (you can clean the drive but not partition it without formatting or something like that). Not sure what a UEFI install would do with such a setup either (it'll likely just tell you it can't install).
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    The system reserved partition is an abomination. As you can only have 4 primary partitions, using up 2 for 1 OS a bit too much, especially that it's completely useless, those folders and boot files can easily live in the system partition as well.

    Always pre-partition your HDD with GParted (or similar) before installing windows, don't let it take you precious primary partition count down. What if you want to quadro-boot 2 windows and 2 linux systems in the future? What if you need to have XP, 7 and 8 and linux at the same time?
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    Feb 13, 2012
    Looking again at my screenshot in OP - it looks like it has made disk 1 a system disk, so I assume the files that would normally be put on the System Reserved partition, are now on disk 1 instead
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    The system reserved partition is not required at all. In windows 7 at least I used to partition the disk before install. Windows creates a system reserved partition if it gets an unallocated disk. If it gets a partitioned disk, it does not create a new system reserved part. somewhere else. Instead the content of this partition is also put on the main C partition.

    If you do not want a system reserved parition, partition the disk before install.
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    Been talked about 100x before in other threads.

    I dare you to risk deleting the small partition and see if you are ok after it (it can mess up).

    I have that partition and on a totally new SSD just took out its box so new/raw so saying it does not do so on a new drive is not true,

    I have also had the issue the partition will not Trim on Win 8.1, both upgrading from Win 8 and clean installing from a 8.1 ISO.

    Now its small and some will say it does not matter but I read it can become dirty with files from Win8.1 upgrade and some have fixed it by bravely enlarging it to say 500MB/1GB using 3rd party partition App's then trimming it clean then either leaving it be or shrinking it back to 350MB.

    In Win 8 it was only 100MB in size by default.

    I would not mess with it TBH.