No YouTube dialogue track on External Andriod/iPhone speakers UNLESS headphones used.

Discussion in 'Mobile and Portable' started by TonyDFX, Sep 11, 2011.

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    Sep 11, 2011
    Here's what happens:
    I edit a 2 camera shoot.I use Premiere Pro CS5 and create a Multi-Camera edit (put the 2 video into a sequence, then nest them into another sequence called "multi-edit"). So, after cutting and graphics, I insert a sound track on Audio Track 2. Also, added "voice track only" from a couple of other video clips.
    Upload to YouTube. Sounds great. Looks great.

    When I play it on my Android phone, iPod, or iPhone EXTERNAL SPEAKERS, there is ONLY the Soundtrack and the "voice only" sound. My Main video sound/dialogue does NOT come out UNLESS I listen with Headphones!!!!!!!!!

    I tried re-rendering video using all kinds of alternativate and re-tested.
    Only when watching on phones and using external speakers do I not get my main dialogue.
    It plays PERFECT on my laptop, computer, everything without headphone. I MUST use headphone to hear everything when viewing on phones and ipods!!!

    I also tried: setting to 'mono', VBR 2 pass, H.264 video, MPEG2, FLV (flash).
    ONLY CLUE: When I look at my timeline in the sequence "Multi-Camera Edit" where the work was all done, the Audio 1 track shows "MC1 Source" as the soundfile name (correct) but there is NO 'waveform' wiggly lines... AND the spots where I added the "voice sound only" that I pulled/detached from a video clip, it reads "00095.MTS" (the name of the A/V file, but I'm only using its sound) and there IS 'waveform' wiggly lines.

    Can anyone help??