NordVPN — Online security starts with a click

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    Online security starts with a click


    NordLynx — new generation VPN protocol based on WireGuard

    NordLynx is the most significant technological improvement ever introduced to their customers, and a VPN industry. It is a new-generation VPN protocol that is faster than anything seen before. NordLynx is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux users.

    NordLynx is based on the WireGuard protocol, which uses state-of-the-art cryptography. It is faster than the current leading VPN protocols, such as OpenVPN and IPSec, but often criticized for its ability to secure users' privacy. “This is the main reason why NordVPN came up with the new NordLynx technology.”

    NordLynx combines WireGuard’s high speeds and NordVPN’s custom double Network Address Translation (NAT) system to protect users' privacy. NordVPN’s double NAT system allows establishing a secure VPN connection without storing any identifiable data on a server.

    What is NordLynx and why you should use it

    | NordVPN: brand, features, and values |
    NordVPN was established in 2012. During its eight years, it grew massively to a company with 14 million users worldwide, thousands of servers in almost 60 countries, and no plans to stop anytime soon.

    Perhaps one of the most important things you need to know about NordVPN is that they operate under the jurisdiction of Panama. Panama is not part of the 14 eyes alliance, and they do not have to comply with US or EU data retention laws.

    NordVPN's mission is to provide internet access without censorship or surveillance to anyone who needs it.

    Quick facts & figures
    • NordVPN maintains a strict no-logs policy, which means they do not collect and store any logs of their users’ activity. The fact was confirmed by an industry-first audit on no-logging claims.
    • Their users get a lot more than just a VPN solution. CyberSec, DoubleVPN, SmartPlay, and Onion Over VPN are just some of the extra features that NordVPN customers enjoy.
    • They run their business in a socially responsible and ethical manner. NordVPN offers a free emergency VPN to human rights activists, non-profit organizations, and journalists working under extensive online censorship or surveillance.
    • NordVPN’s support team is ready to help 24/7. Their users can visit the Help Center or get in touch with their customer care agents directly via live chat or email.

    NordVPN — Your gateway to secure browsing

    NordVPN is a leading online security solution, used by over 14 million internet users worldwide. They offer next-generation encryption with advanced privacy features to ensure secure access to all your favorite online resources.

    You can choose from a wide range of 5400 servers in 59 countries. NordVPN is recognized by the most influential tech sites and IT security specialists, making it one of the most trusted privacy and security service providers in the world.

    Features / Why choose NordVPN

    Protect yourself and your data online. Securely access apps, websites, entertainment, and more.


    NordVPN uses Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with 256-bit keys to encrypt your data.

    NordVPN utilizes three different VPN protocols to create a secure VPN tunnel: IKEV2/IPsec, OpenVPN, and the newest NordLynx.

    NordLynx If you're looking for both privacy and speed, NordLynx is the way to go, their newest technology built around WireGuard — the fastest tunneling protocol out there.

    To make it as secure as possible, they combined WireGuard with their custom double NAT system. It allows users to enjoy a fast internet connection without compromising their security.



    NordVPN has a lot of them – 5400, to be exact. They are spread over 59 countries, covering even the most exotic locations.

    You can click "Quick connect" to connect to the best-performing server automatically. Or, you can manually select a server there. You can find your recent connections in the "Recents" list. That way, you'll be able to find them fast without scrolling through the endless list of NordVPN servers.

    Servers list here

    Specialty servers

    You can use them if you work or travel to countries with strict internet censorship and regulations and need additional security. Specialty servers are there to ensure that the internet is available to you with no restrictions.

    DoubleVPN (OpenVPN (UDP), OpenVPN (TCP)

    If you have reasons to believe that your actions online are being monitored by the government or other third parties, you can use this feature for an extra layer of security.

    A simple VPN connection is enough for everyday browsing.


    P2P servers (NordLynx, OpenVPN (UDP), OpenVPN (TCP)

    NordVPN has special P2P servers, all optimized for fast and secure file sharing. And if you are using P2P at work to share sensitive data, NordVPN's AES-256 encryption will ensure that your files are safe.


    Obfuscated servers (OpenVPN (TCP)

    NordVPN offers obfuscated servers in 14 locations. So if you find yourself in a country that censors the internet and has laws prohibiting the use of VPNs, connect to obfuscated servers. You can toggle this feature in the advanced settings of your app.



    Onion over VPN (NordLynx, OpenVPN (UDP), OpenVPN (TCP)

    Onion Over VPN is a special feature of NordVPN. It gives you all the advantages of The Onion Router (Tor) combined with the extra security of a VPN tunnel.


    NordVPN CyberSec

    CyberSec is a feature you might not expect to find in a VPN. Nevertheless, it is quite useful, especially for very security-minded people. It has two main functions: blocking ads and protecting your device from various cyberthreats.

    Due to Google’s policies, CyberSec does not block ads in the NordVPN app for Android downloaded from the Google Play Store. It does, however, keep protecting you from accessing malicious sites.

    The fully-featured ad blocker is still available in the .apk version of the Android app that you can download exclusively on their website.


    Kill Switch

    Most people use a VPN to establish a safe internet connection and hide their IP address. Unfortunately, if something were to happen to that connection, their real identity might get exposed. NordVPN users can rely on a kill switch to stop that from happening.

    Keeping their identity secret might be a question of life and death to people working or living in authoritarian countries. A Kill Switch will automatically shut down selected apps or disable your device's internet access altogether.


    DNS leak protection

    When you connect to NordVPN, your device only uses DNS servers operated by NordVPN. All your DNS queries travel over the encrypted tunnel and are resolved on the same VPN server you are connected to.

    This way, you never have to worry about your confidential information leaking and third parties spying on it.

    NordVPN uses advanced DNS leak protection technology to ensure that their user's traffic is 100% encrypted.

    Check for leaks here


    Not being able to watch your favorite series when you're on vacation could be annoying. A lot of popular streaming services limit what content users outside of the country can see. Unfortunately, that sometimes also includes you if you are traveling.

    Using a VPN is a great way to make sure that you won't miss a dramatic season finale or your team scoring that crucial point.

    SmartPlay is activated automatically in all NordVPN apps, so you don't need to set anything up. They combined the Smart DNS technology with a VPN, so you can access your favorite content without compromising your security.

    Apps for every taste

    NordVPN has dedicated apps for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Android TV, and Linux. They are intuitive and easy to use, so even people without technical know-how can find their way around.

    However, if you're a more advanced user, they offer options for manual configuration. You can have a VPN on a Raspberry PI, or if you need to protect more than six devices, your router.

    Aside from the apps, users can also add a NordVPN extension to their Chrome or Firefox browser.

    Download Apps here

    Setup Tutorials here

    Nord Account

    Nord Account lets you manage your subscriptions, download apps and extensions, read the no-logs audit report, change the password, and access other key information.

    It’s also where you can update your payment details to make sure you get uninterrupted service.

    Log into your Nord Account through the NordVPN website.

    More features

    Strict no-logs policy They don’t track, collect or share your private data. It’s none of their business.

    Multiple devices One account lets you connect up to 6 devices. Secure them all – in any combination.

    Split tunneling support Stream and share with VPN protection while still being able to surf local content.

    Dedicated IP Get a Dedicated IP address that will be used by a single person – you.

    Support 24/7 Have questions or need help with the NordVPN service? Their team of experts is here to help you.

    30-day money-back guarantee If you are not 100% satisfied, cancel anytime before 30 days and get your money back.

    Get your risk-free VPN trial here

    Features details here

    | Bottom line |

    Every online service you use collects and stores data on you – Google, Facebook, Twitter, even your browser. With net neutrality gone, your ISP can limit your internet access however they want or store and sell your data to third parties.

    Using a VPN, you can take back control, reduce your digital footprint, and browse the internet freely.

    NordVPN is your gateway to secure and private access to the internet.

    Click here to Grab NordVPN Special Offer

    Let's look at NordVPN installation, interface, servers, apps, speed test, leak test, and pricing

    Without VPN
    NordLynx USA
    NordLynx UK
    No IP, DNS, and WebRTC leaks

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    NordVPN links









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    Thanks for this very good informative review @khanyash
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    If you have previously subscribed to NordVPN with payment via PayPal, you have probably already noticed something strange. Instead of Tefincom & Co S.A. (the Panamanian company behind NordVPN), CloudVPN, Inc. is listed as the seller.

    CloudVPN is also mentioned as the developer of the NordVPN Android app on Google Play:
    CloudVPN is a company registered in the United States.
    NordVPN is under U.S. jurisdiction
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    @vladnil NordVPN's Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, and Mailing Address mention Panama. Their blog about the second no-logs policy audit states, NordVPN is registered in Panama, which does not belong to data-sharing alliances such as 5/9/14 Eyes.

    I checked the NordVPN Android app on Google Play. The developer mentioned is NordVPN, their website, and Panama address.
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    Same here. This is what appears on Google play:
    PH F&F TOWER, 50th Street & 56th Street, Suite #32-D, Floor 32, Panama City, Republic of Panama
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    Guys, let's dispel the myth at once!
    Have you seen the constitution of the company NordVPN?
    Of course not?
    You see only the contract of offer NordVPN with you.
    And further action you do not!
    How your traffic is used you can not track!
    I have been using my VPN for 7 years now, going through Chinese and Ukrainian VPN.
    There is a VPS server in China and a VPS server in Ukraine last. And everyone sees Ukraine, and China does not.
    And what is behind China and where am I?
    Maybe I'm your neighbor behind the wall?
    I am happy with it, double pipe!
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    @vladnil It is the same for every VPN on the market. You cannot surely know the internal stuff of a service. You trust a service based on its policy and history.
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    All of this makes me laugh, every time the subject of vpn's comes up , the privacy conversations and accusations start......
    Your online privacy is one thing using a VPN can secure that BUT......
    Your online privacy only goes so far, if you use a vpn to do anything illegal, your privacy online becomes a moot matter and your identity can and will be tracked down, no matter the policy of any vpn you are using , just depends how bad and how far the authorities are willing to go to get their hands on you.

    I don't know why people constantly argue this point of "vpn privacy" all the time.

    I have used Nord, it is one of the best vpn's going, but I am absolutely sure that even though they have a "no log" policy , if one of their users was involved in nefarious activities they would be more than willing to help the authorities out if approached.
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    thank you for giveaway khanyash
    nordvpn is

    Get secure and private access to the internet
    Protect all your devices
    Enjoy fast and stable connection anywhere

    yes ll It’s fast, it’s reliable. It’s safe. It helps me access epicness.”
    I wish to win, because I did not get a long time ago
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    Edit: wrong topic, still very awesome :)
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    Great review, khanyash.
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    Thanks for this good review
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    Why post in NordVPN topic?

    It's about
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    Thanks for your NICE NordVPN review!
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    thankes NordVPN is a good VPN
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    ich kann das nur bestätigen, zumal ein schneller Seitenaufbau im Browser erhalten bleibt und die verschiedenen Einstellungen für bestimmts online-Verhalten nützlich ist. Kenne nichts besseres.
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    They should state that you have to disable vpn when making any kind of a transaction as it will be flagged as fraud as everybody has vpn detectors
    especially for secure transactions.